How Ariana Grande’s Face Changed?

Ariana Grande plastic surgery

At the beginning of her career, Ariana Grande was quite a well-fed young lady-with a height of 153 cm, her weight reached 60 kg, and a round face with plump cheeks met the “babyface” standard. The singer’s creative career began at the age of 13. As she grew up, the girl’s appearance changed, but Ariana Grande managed, perhaps thanks to plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, to create the image of a sexual diva and, oddly enough, to preserve the “childish” appearance.

How Ariana Grande’s face changed?

How Ariana Grande's face changed

It is impossible to view children’s photos of the artist without a smile, so cute and charming the girl appears on them. What are only dimples on the cheeks and naive, full of confidence look of brown eyes! In modern photos, Ariana Grande is just as charming, but the face has changed, the cheeks have lost volume, but the cheekbones have become much more prominent. The face in the lower third narrowed, and the chin sharpened. It is likely that such changes were the result of a sharp weight loss of the singer (she lost almost 14 kg!), but it is believed that without the participation of experts was not done.

Did Ariana Grande have a nose job?

Did Ariana Grande have a nose job

In children’s photos, the singer has a pretty nose that matches her facial features. However, after some time, its shape changes, the volume of the tip of the nose decreases, and the back become narrower. In General, the nose has become much more elegant, although it hardly makes sense to talk about any radical changes, since we are talking about the respiratory organ, it is impossible to suspect that it just lost weight. With a high probability of rhinoplasty (the so-called operation to change the shape of the nose), Ariana Grande still had, although the singer does not confirm it.

Ariana Grande before and after lip surgery

Ariana Grande before and after lip surgery

Contouring, of course. The fact that the singer did not do cheiloplasty and did not change the shape of the mouth surgically is obvious. But the temptation to add extra volume to the lips was not avoided. Without any doubt, the girl resorts to the help of a cosmetologist, who pricks her with a drug containing hyaluronic acid. The correction mainly needs the upper, naturally thin, lip of the star. It is possible that the same drug is used to fill the lacrimal furrows, which were previously very pronounced, but are now almost invisible in the photo of Ariana Grande.

What did Ariana Grande do with her eyes?

What did Ariana Grande do with her eyes

Fans on social networks are actively discussing the cut of the singer’s eyes, or rather, its change. And some suspect that she did blepharoplasty, that is, tightened the skin of the eyelids. But let’s remember the age of Ariana Grande (25 years old in 2018) and doubt that such a young girl could have needed surgery.

How Ariana Grande’s figure has changed?

How Ariana Grande's figure has changed

Maintaining an optimal height-to-weight ratio is important for any artist, especially short ones. Ariana Grande never looked full, even as a teenager, when she weighed almost 60 kg. However, with the growth of popularity, she was forced to look on stage not just good, but perfect, and this required losing extra pounds, which the artist managed to do.

Ariana, who has lost 14 kg, looks like a porcelain figurine, no one will think of her as short, but everyone calls her miniature!

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