How Lil Kim’s Face Changed?

Lil Kim plastic surgery

In children’s photos, the future hip-hop star is a typical, pretty African-American woman. But Lil herself was not happy with either a pretty face or appetizing forms, because, for “serious” relationships, friends chose completely different girls; slender, long-legged, with European features and white skin. Gradually, dissatisfaction with appearance turned into a complex, which the star got rid of for many years, but not with the help of psychologists, but mercilessly reshaping her own face and body.

How Lil Kim’s Face changed?

How Lil Kim's Face changed

The artist has never concealed the way that she does plastic medical procedures. It does, that is, regularly corrects something in the face, and not once. The nose and lips got the most, and the cheekbones, cheeks, and skin got the least.

How Lil Kim’s nose looks like now?

How Lil Kim's nose looks like now

To put it bluntly, the star’s sense of smell is currently looking bad. The initial rhinoplasty, during which the actress’s nostrils were reduced and her back was narrowed, was successful: the nose turned out to be European-style elegant, as she wanted. Lil ‘ Kim had to have a second rhinoplasty after a friend in a fit of anger slapped her in the face so that emergency plastic surgery was required. Unfortunately, the surgeons failed to restore the shape of the nose, moreover, the appearance of the organ deteriorated the surface became bumpy, the side walls fell in, and the tip fell.

Lil Kim bleached her skin

Lil Kim bleached her skin

Simultaneously with the first rhinoplasty, the singer lightened the skin. The result was satisfying but did not stop and continued to “improve” the skin. Today, Kim can’t imagine life without injections of hyaluronic acid and Botox. Maltreatment of shaping and infusion systems transformed the vocalist’s face into a “shaman’s tambourine”, so smooth and level it became.

What happened to Lil Kim’s lips?

What happened to Lil Kim's lips

The African-American singer from birth sexy plump lips, but their star decided to correct and made cheiloplasty, and unsuccessful. His mouth twisted so that it was impossible to hide it. Interestingly, the singer increased the upper lip, and the lower one, slightly turned out by nature, decreased. It turned out to be a “BLOB”, as one of the fans aptly put it.

What did Lil Kim do with her cheekbones?

What did Lil Kim do with her cheekbones

The artist was dissatisfied with the oval face, cheeks, and cheekbones. To correct them came radically: implants were inserted into the cheekbones, the fat layer was removed from the cheeks (Bichat lumps), and the oval of the face was corrected with a circular lift. Surprisingly, it bypassed the attention of the chin, which, being too massive, would require plastic surgery. Regardless, this supposition was communicated by enthusiasts of the craftsman.

The young lady needed to get thin as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, so she chose to siphon out overabundance fat. But she failed again, because, after the operation, her sides and stomach became lumpy and covered with striae. Experts think that the reason for many failures lies in the low elasticity of the skin, possibly congenital. By the way, Lil soon gained weight again, but her body did not look better, unfortunately.

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