How Priyanka Chopra’s Figure Has Changed?

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra will be 38 years old in 2020. She remains one of the most beautiful women in the world, confirming the status of beauty Queen, received almost 20 years ago. The popular actress and singer does not hide her respect for plastic surgery and does not consider it shameful to take advantage of her achievements if they help make a person beautiful and confident. What she definitely does not accept is a manic passion for plastic, when people become hostages to the obsession to achieve the perfect appearance.

How the face of an Indian actress changed?

How the face of an Indian actress changed

The actress does not hurry to tell about her plastic surgeries and thanks to her ancestors for their beauty. There is no guile in her words: Priyanka Chopra became Miss World without any plastic surgery. In 2000, her exotic image charmed the judges. They appreciated the large almond-shaped brown eyes, which were cut with elegantly arched eyebrows and thick dark lashes, a stunning smile, a clear oval face, and high cheekbones. The judges were not confused by a rather large nose with an overhanging tip, since it was in harmony with the girl’s features.

Priyanka Chopra before plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra before plastic surgery

If you compare photos of Priyanka Chopra in her youth and now, it is easy to see that her nose has clearly decreased in size and acquired a European appearance, and its tip has become shorter and slightly raised up. Did rhinoplasty benefit the actress? Probably, Yes. After the operation, she made a career in Hollywood, and it’s worth a lot. Although, if you look at the photo of Priyanka Chopra after plastic surgery, you get the feeling that she still has a slight curvature of the nasal septum.

Priyanka Chopra after plastic surgery

Priyanka Chopra after plastic surgery

Another “sore point” of Priyanka Chopra is nasolabial folds. The architecture of her face is such that the folds that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth are strongly pronounced by nature, so she has to fill them with a hyaluronic filler. The same thing the actress does with her lips so that they do not lose volume with age. Contouring helps Priyanka keep her lips “juicy” and lush, and teeth whitening makes her smile “Hollywood”.

How Priyanka Chopra’s figure has Changed?

How Priyanka Chopra's figure has Changed

Usually, Indian women are the owners of feminine forms, and the actress is no exception.

Rounded hips, high breasts, and at the same time not a gram of excess fat, you can see that the girl carefully monitors not only the face but also the body, which she likes to show not only in a swimsuit but also in “provocative” outfits. Although it never goes beyond the “allowed”.

Interesting facts about Priyanka Chopra

Interesting facts about Priyanka Chopra

Her parents are military doctors. Despite frequent moves and changing schools, the girl studied well, was fond of dancing and theater. The most difficult thing for her was studying in the United States, where her parents sent her as a teenager.

Surprisingly, living in a tolerant America (first in Iowa, and then in Massachusetts), Priyanka suffered from racial intolerance, peers mocked the girl’s exotic appearance, humiliated her, and insulted her. However, our heroine had the courage to finish her training and only then return to India.

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